Outsource Marketing

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“Outsource Marketing” concept is making waves, not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore. Our founder, Madam Camelia Tan Sri Yacob was there at the Entrepreneurs Day organised by Rootwommers.

Some feedback from the attendees:
“It was great that outsource marketing concept was introduced to give a whole new spin to word of mouth marketing. Once again, Mdm Camelia reminded us that people buy from people they like so it is essential to build our relationship with other people. This is especially important so that our “Relationship ATM” card does not come out empty when we do withdrawal.” – Mdm Siti Noraini, Kids Party Planner, Singapore.

“Mdm Camelia drives a very goood point that we are out-sourcing so many things in our daily life, so it should be not difficult to accept out-source marketing.” – Mr HP, Charted Accountant, Singapore.

“Mdm Camelia never fail to inspire me.
3 things I learnt during this last event.

1. Game changer: The Question is are we game enough for this? The next question is when & how? In Business we don’t wait for nobody just like Time waits for no Man. Game changer not only transforms people & businesses, it revolutionizes them.

2. Outsourcing: Never fully realized the extent & scope this is occurring not only in our lives but in our businesses too. Manage this well & you’ll have your organization running healthily. What better way to achieve this? It’s the Rootwommers platform that allows us to tap on the right resources.

3. Relationship Marketing: It’s like another one of those reminders knocking on my head. How something so important we often time neglect or even overlook. In business you can’t run away from being involved with people. One of my apparent weaknesses. Always learning & still learning. Unlearn then relearn is the right strategy to adopt.

It’s been a thought provoking moment for me yet again. Thank you Mdm Camelia.”
– Mdm Nafisah, Mobile Medicare, Singapore.


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