WOMM with the Rootwommers

By December 22, 2016 activities No Comments

Word of Mouth Marketing or WOMM for short is something that we are all familiar with. Now take that into business networking and you get the Rootwommers. Formed in 2011 by Camelia Yaacob, venture capitalist and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, their approach and formulas in the science of ‘wommmology’ is distinctive and have set their sights to help the entrepreneurs of Johor with their skills and knowledge.

They recently organised a workshop and saw more than 50 individuals from various industries mingling and learning how to grow their businesses with word of mouth marketing.

“As opposed to business card marketing where someone can just take your card and forget about you, word of mouth marketing; adds a personal touch to things,” said Camelia.

Through the years of her experience, she realised that there’s a lack of marketing tools and information on marketing businesses, services and products. With no avenue for entrepreneurs to search for the information they required, she felt something was needed to be done and decided to share her knowledge and experience with the business world.

Source: http://www.theiskandarian.com/web/womm-with-the-rootwommers/