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Rootwommers Sdn Bhd (1028283-W) launched the concept of word of mouth marketing (WOMM) in 2011. We teach and facilitate entrepreneurs and business professionals WOMM and networking skillsets which they apply directly to the marketing of their businesses and services for sustainable growth.


In anticipation of future competitive business markets and rising costs of advertising, Rootwommers vision is to re-innovate and modernise word of mouth marketing and networking methods by making them more user friendly.

This alternative marketing avenue will ensure more entrepreneurs are able to participate, sustain their business effectively and advance their professional marketing skills.

Our Mission

Rootwommers mission and dedication is to provide word of mouth marketing activities, new resources and supply constant up to date material and trainings that will boost and drive entrepreneurs determination to excel higher and compete in building global business using Word of mouth marketing.



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RootWommers hold various trainings, coachings and events — both open and closed ones; providing its members and business community alike with powerful tools and knowledge on marketing and networking.



Connections between businesses in RW are made during hub meetings, networking events and other team building exercises.

Connections between businesses in RW are made during hub meetings, networking events and other


RW monitors performances via an online system called ORAPPS — a custom software dedicated to track RW members’ performances via specific yardsticks. It’s our way to ensure our members effectively increase their ROI via our methods.



2 days back I attended a business networking session with Indian business owners, organised by Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KLSICCI). This is my 1st business networking session experience after Rootwommers networking events.
In that event, I felt so confident talking to people by asking brain food questions, identifying my target market, did my 30 sec pitching, listening and building relationship with business owners. I applied everything I learned from RW systems. I got 39 new contacts and met 2 of them yesterday, applying the art of asking question which I learnt from Madam Cam and today I closed RM1200 sales deal from them. I said woww... I did it! I can't believe the changes and growth that is happening in me ( in & out) for the past 6 month with Rootwommers' trainings.
My sincere gratitude and thanks to Madam Cam, envoys and Wommers for being there in each path of my growth. Thank you... Thank you Thank you..



The Energy Healer

Awesome experience in the Bandung Marketing Forum!!
My objective joining the Marketing Forum in Bandung is to find Membership Advisors who would like to market our medical plans to Indonesians who choose Singapore and Malaysia's private hospitals as their preferred hospitals for treatment.
Alhamdulillah!! I met a banker, a financial advisor and marketers who want us to conduct a business talk on how to start the business in Bandung!!
I am very excited of the huge opportunity!!
Thank you Madam Cam, National Director Mr Leeo, Diamond Envoy Madam Lily and everyone in RootWommers for a successful networking experience!!
Let's B TO G!!!



Medi-Wealth Consultancy

My Brain is exploding with connections from this IMF@ Bandung meet.
Grateful for the opportunity given to discover my true self on this marketing platform. Tonight MDM Cam, Envoy JQ & LeeO drove this message loud and clear to the Ace Hub as we huddle together for a discussion with them at Horison hotel cafe.
The ROOTWOMMERS training is a complete package for its members to learn to be visible. The training starts with each gratimonial, each tango, each womming, each invitation of visitors to the hub; these activities offers the member the opportunity to practice the art of marketing.
When you are in trouble go back to the ROOT cause of the problem. It always start with You! You correct yourself, you will clear the problem!



Sustainable By Design

Gratimonial to Madam Lily, Diamond Hub Envoy.

I would like to thank Madam Lily for womming me to Nurul Izzah Catering, a renowned food catering company in Malaysia.
Within less than a week, after two presentations to their BODs, I managed to close a deal with them worth approximately RM30,000.
Overall, ever since I joined the Rootwommers, particularly the Diamond Hub, I have been getting tremendous support from all the members. Not only my business have grown from strength to strength, I am also able to help Rootwormers members to grow their business, as well. Alhamdulillah.
Thank you.

Azeril Zolle

Azeril Zolle

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Low-Cost, No Cost.

We gather like-minded groups of entrepreneurs who practise WOMM collectively at low and no cost marketing between each other. This approach comes from the culture of collaboration and co-operation between entrepreneurs in WOMM.

The systems of ROOTWOMMERs does assure the sales growth of minimum 30% and more within a year provided the member follows the WOMM systems and apply in accordance.